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This course Advanced Healthcare Innovations discusses some of the biggest innovations in healthcare technology with far reaching impacts. Last two years shaped up game changing events that healthcare technology ever experienced, with innovations in medical devices, software, bio-engineering and changes in how healthcare is managed and delivered. The course addresses the top 10 innovations in healthcare landscape, from IoT Innovations to Surgical robots, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, Next Generation Sequencing, Microbiome Technology Innovations, Immunotherapies, Point of care diagnostics, Improving patient outcomes, Biosensors Technology Landscape, Virtual Reality in Healthcare, Nanomedicine, 3D Bioprinting, Healthcare Data Analytics.


  • IoT Healthcare landscape
  • How to monitor heart using ECG?
  • How to Interpret ECG graphs
  • Monitoring Vital Signs of Humans


At the end of the course you get a perspective on advanced healthcare technology innovations and also know:

  • Identify the emerging technologies and opportunities in IoT of Healthcare
  • Understand about Surgical Robots
  • Know the IoT Healthcare landscape
  • Know for IoT Health Sensors - ECG, BP, SPO2 work
  • Know how to leverage IoT health sensors for Vital Signs Monitoring
  • Understand how to leverage IoT of Healthcare devices for Remote Patient Care Monitorings

Your Instructor

Kameshwar Eranki
Kameshwar Eranki

Kameshwar Eranki is a Serial Entrepreneur and Founder and CEO of Silicon Valley-based Innovation and IP Management company, VajraSoft Inc. (VSI). VSI promotes disruptive technology innovations, fast tracks IP Commercialization, co-creates global innovation hubs and accelerates Innovations from Lab to Market. Mr. Eranki is also Founder & Chairman of Proactiff Digital Healthcare and is a strategic investor and mentor in many pioneering startups. As a global Innovation and IP Commercialization expert, he has led the transformation of several major commercial enterprises, as well as, educational entities in several countries.
Kamesh has designed and is now deploying 54 graduate (MS) program courses for Universities globally and offers 350+ certificate programs in Innovation, IP Management and Technology Commercialization. Kameshwar works globally with Fortune 500 companies and is involved in over 850 startups - from Silicon Valley to UK to Dubai to India and has received numerous awards including “Entrepreneur of the Year 2019” from the Indo-American Foundation.
As the original architect of E-learning, Mr. Eranki revolutionized how education is delivered online. He also created online/internet banking and was the originator of E-commerce as well. He has now assumed the greatest challenge to date which is to radically reform healthcare systems worldwide - transforming them from reactive “sickcare” models to proactive, preventive "healthcare" systems. This healthcare designed for the future is enabled with IoT and Point-of-care Health devices and delivers digital health, remote patient care monitoring, digital therapeutics and real-world Evidence-based care including comprehensive Integrative Medicine Modalities. In addition to global speaking engagements, Kameshwar has been featured in 500+ magazines, articles and industry publications. He holds an MS in Electronic Commerce and MS in E-Business Systems and Technologies from Golden Gate University, San Francisco and lives in Silicon Valley, USA.

Course Curriculum

  3D Printing Technology Innovations
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  3D Bioprinting Technology Innovations
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  Bioengineering Technology Innovations
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  Top 10 Healthcare Innovations
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